Hoodie Hoo! It's 30 Days from Spring so it's officially Hoodie Hoo Day. And... it's also Fat Thursday which is when Catholics stuff their faces pre Ash Wednesday. And while this is not a FHAC-U I'm sure we can all enjoy another celebratory feast somewhere after you get a few miles and beers in you. And last it's Cherry Pie Day. Which is no doubt a tribute day to Warrant so sing all you want. "She's my cherry pie. Cool drink of water such a sweet surprise Tastes so good makes a grown man cry Sweet Cherry Pie" Details: She's real fine my Hash 409. My Hash 409 Prelube = The Local 102 Lounge, Sunnyvale, CA 5:45-6:25. 1.1 miles from the start Hash Start: 6:30: Serra Park in Sunnyvale 730 The Dalles Ave. Sunnyvale, CA A-A 6ish (Will there be a shorty? Yeah I'll figure it out for the Fat Thursday peeps) 1 Beer Check (ID Needed) On On = Pack decides Rock On On! -YPL



Parking lot is across from Grand Coulee Ave. Google Maps: