Carpool situation will probably happen, but half minds have trouble planning. Prepare to leave the Bay Area no later than 5:45 to be on time! ~ Missile Anus What: SCH3 Trail 1069 - Ten Sixty-Nine! When: 27 February 2020, 6:33pm Where: East Cliff Brewing, 21517 E Cliff Dr Cash: $8, includes sick 1069 swag Hares: Hand Over Pissed (virgin lay,) Just Sheila (needs a name,) Snake Me Anywhere (leaving soon,) Dung-Fu Grip (no other plans.) Religion: Sunny Cove Dogs: Obviously fine Trail: A/A', T/E Split, ~3/5 miles respectively Shiggy: Not really On-On-On: Cafe El Palomar Guys! Guys! We made to 1069! There's probably a "69" joke to be made here, but why not save it for Thursday, when we can get drunk, run around the neighborhoods, and party on the beach. Bring your dogs, a thirst for beer, and something to stick a sticker on. The coronavirus has made patches a bit hard to get at the moment (really) so we have stickers! Also, maybe pack some warm clothes for the beach. Nothing too complicated on trail, unless it gets screwed up, which is sort of the point of a 69. Afterwards there will be tacos and burritos to eat at Cafe El Palomar. Cum one, cum all! ~Dung-Fu



Follow Google Maps or tell your Uber driver East Cliff Brewing in Santa Cruz.