UPDATE: official start time is now 2pm to better suit the venue. Hares off at 2:45ish. Flaunt your sexay boday in a red dress, drink beer, eat food, r*n some trails, and drink beer at the SVH3 RDR! Because your GMs love you, we bagged a brewery venue close to the Caltrain in lovely San Carlos, we'll produce boozy goodness in all shapes and colors, and perhaps other surprises (if you ask politely). The venue (Blue Oak Brewery) has promised there will be a pop-up restaurant on-site at about 4pm for food purchases. Hares: Dual Tools & My Nipples are Harder Prices: $15 in advance, $20 at the door. All profits go to an Global Fund for Women ( PLEASE FILL OUT THE OFFICIAL SIGN-UP SHEET ASAP SO WE CAN GET ENOUGH SUPPLIES: PayPal Link:



Blue Oak Brewing Company, San Carlos Get off at the San Carlos Caltrain station, if you're taking the train. The brewery normally opens at 2pm, but they may open the doors a bit early for us to setup. If you arrive early and need a drink, Redwood Coast Cider is next door and opens at 1pm.