AGNEWS TAKEOVER! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles need your help rescuing Michelangelo from the treacherous clutches of The Shredder!!! He was last seen entering a dark creepy tunnel trying to rescue April O’Neil from a terrifying 10' long scrawny penis-monster. If found, a pizza party will be thrown in your honor! Grab your hockey mask and whatever sporting equipment you might have lying around and let's get to work! It's gonna be a dark and wet one. Cowabunga Dudes! Sincerely, Raphael, Donatello & Leonardo ----- Trail Info ----- * TMNT dress expected. Hockey masks, turtle shells, nun-chucks, throwing stars ... or just wear green * Eagle trail ~5-6 miles * Turkey trail ~4 mi * 1 BC * 1 SC * on-on-on: State of Mind (4th St & State)



Get yerselves to Shoop (shoop ba doop) Park in Los Altos. Click on that map / coordinates and let the machine take you. There is a parking lot for the Park, but you can also park on University, or Lincoln