This trail is a little far away but it's worth the drive! Since It's pretty far, we'll start at 2pm to give everyone enough time to get there. This park is closed to camping, but open to hiking, which means that there is almost no one on the trails. We'll be going through some pretty isolated areas and there will be no cell service (at least with att), but, hey, there's a pay phone. On trail you will see giant redwoods, streams, dear, and great views. Turkey will be 3-4 miles, eagle will be 5+. No dogs or fireworks allowed in the park, unfortunately. It's cooler out there so bring a jacket if you get cold easily. BYOB for warm up, 2 beer checks, and circle. BYO foodysnacks. BYO mountain lion repellent. And don't forget to wear red, white, and blue!



From the North, take 84 West to Pescadero Crek Rd on the right. From the south take 9 West to 35 North to left on Alpine Rd then left on Pescadero Crek Rd. There is limited parking at the park entrance outside and inside the gate, but there is lots of parking one right hand turn before the park entrance on Wurr Rd. There is trail access on Wurr road also. Drive safe on the way there and back! We'll meet on the trail to the left as you go into the park, which is also the trail you walk in on from Wurr Rd.