Get your Liver Stronger on this weekend as we erect the dead, beer that mile, and carve your pumpkin! Meeting at Lake Cunningham Park at around 12:30 to setup, beer mile starts at 1p, and trail starts at around 2p. There will be a short trail to the nearest bar following the beer mile, then a delicious BBQ to satiate the munchies before we send yo ass home! Quarantine rules are still in effect so please BYOB and BYOF! You can expect at least 1 Beer Mile, 3 mis. trail w/ bar BC, a pumpkin carving contest, a BBQ, a lake, erections, and happy endings! Theme: Grateful Dead- but any costume welcome! Parking: Pay to Park inside, free parking outside the park on Cunningham ave.



Look for arrows near the parking lot to find the hashers! Money and ID REQUIRED. Don't forget your 4 beers for the Beer Mile! And don't forget your pumpkin! Likely using the Park Rd Parking Lot