Get ready for a beachin' trail in Pacifica! Ocean views, thematic BX+SX, a water crossing, hills and thrills, and a circle up in a beach cove with crashing waves! Choose between a 4.8mi eagle, 3.4mi turkey, or a slightly shorter variant for anyone wanting to avoid a couple of short-but-sketch slippery downhills. Wear your trail running/hiking shoes! Hares off at 1 PM, pack at 115. BYOB for the start/end. We've got the DX+SX covered and will mix/serve 'em up in individual vessels with gloved hands! The on on on, before or after any social events you may also have in Pacifica that day, is at the nearby Taco Bell Cantina, rated tops in the world (other than the one you were at while HAF at 3AM last weekend) by, and featuring Mt. Dew Rum Blasts and Cantina Tequila Margos!



(Mis'd) erections: take Hwy 1 north or south in Pacitica to a turn west on Rockaway Bitch Ave. Then turn almost immediately left onto what looks like a service road between Hwy 1 and the still-being-"erected" Holiday Inn Express (offically Old County Rd, but unsigned). Go about 100 yards, past where this road narrows a bit, and then empties into a secluded beach parking lot with restrooms and washoff faucets! Note that despite the Google Maps tag, this lot is NOT directly on Carbillo Hwy 1! Unless it turns warm again, there should be enough parking here, or along that Old County access road on either side of Rockaway Bitch Ave, or elsewhere in the little surrounding commercial area. If you can't find anyplace at all, park in the nearby Sea Bowl lot and (carefully) walk back down Hwy 1 to the Rockaway Bitch Ave lighted crossing.