Note 1pm start! Come out and celebrate the amazing transplants with the cute baby! It's been about 2 years since we moved to the bay area so we thought there was no one better to celebrate with than the hash. We are bringing you a delightful 7+ mile eagle and under 4 mile turkey so everyone can enjoy trail! There are beautiful views for days and plenty of cows. Park is dog friendly and baby friendly (at least in a carrier; stroller would be challenging). There will be one hare-provided beer check (eagles will pass through this beer check twice though). Bring your hill running shoes! Parking may be limited, as good weather attracts muggles. Show up early! Additional street parking is a mile away, so carpool if you can. Can also park at the playground and walk the half mile over to the dog park area around the lake.



Start will be at City of Milipitas Dog Park in Ed R. Levin County Park. Make sure to search the dog park not the county park or you might end up in the wrong part of the county park. Find parking in one of the lots. Note 1pm start!