Can't find a hare for your trail? Local Wankers too lazy? Demoralized? Too half-minded? Fear not fair denizens of Silicone Valley, Dammit Janet and Knees For B's have seemingly returned from the vast unknown offering to save you... at a price. Of course there will be flour and chalk, hills and valleys, maybe even the sweet nectar your complacent minds conjure up like a Pavlovian dog when you think of trail. But there will also be miles and miles of hills, dust, confusion, PO, and in the end, a great parched valley you must cross over to regain your mortal sou... err, I mean, get to the beer at the end. Will all the harriers make it to their sweet reward? Who's to say, but if they don't, that will be the price. Note: The final section of trail will involve some sweet shiggy. Some of our more "esteemed" hashers (esp. walkers) might do best to bypass this section. We'll have a shuttle option to skip this. For the rest of you all, gloves are recommended, but not required. Dog friendly, stroller-hostile. *$6 park entrance fee*



Heading south on Stevens Canyon Road, look for an entrance to Stevens Creek County Park on the left. If you see the reservoir, you've already gone too far. Once you are in the park, drive past the first parking lot on the left, then make a left to head toward the parking for Villa Maria Disc Golf Course.