It's the 20th Analversary of the FHAC- U this Thursday Night May 20th I hear they'll be coming out of the woodwork for this most auspicious occasion! Old head(?)s, new heads, dickheads, and the like. In keeping with the FHAC-U tradition, trail will be short. 1) Because Me and Accu aren't getting any younger 2) To quote Social Distortion, "That's just the way it's supposed to be" There will be 2 beer checks (one will be inside a bar so bring a mask) and a food check. Hash start time 6:30 Location: Park in the parking lot of St. Johns Bar and Grill 510 Lawrence Expressway Suite 110 Sunnyvale, Ca. 94085. Then look for flour close to the dumpster area - we're actually gonna huddle up on the other side of the hedge in an adjacent parking lot. Can't wait to see everyone and FHAC-U! Suckin' Up Spouse P.S. A false trail s circle with an X in it, right?



St. John's Bar and Grill is located across from Sports Basement Sunnyvale off of Lawrence Expressway.