Who: You and all your virgin friends When: This Thursday meetup at 6:30, hare away at 6:45, pack away at 7. If you're late, you'll just have to do trail by yourself. Where: See below Why: Because we do some variation of this every week! Also, no one else volunteered to lay a trail so now this is what you get. How: On your own two feet, or a bike, or by scooter if you dare. Trail is wheels friendly. What: A 4-mile runners trail or 2.5-mile walkers trail. Walkers will do an out-and-back to beer check (no marked trail so will need to get there on time or message in advance for beer check location). Trail is dog and stroller friendly. There will be one beer/food check in the park so no long beer check at a bar making trail take forever! With any luck this will be a quick trail so we can make it to an on-after for once. On-After: Stevie's Bar and Grill on Union Ave



Google Houge Park then find parking near the corner of White Oaks Ave and Mystic Drive.