Cupid got sick and can't play today. Shanghiney & Missile are haring trail and may turn it into a pickup hash. We will still try to keep it around 3 miles or less. Bring money, ID, mask, potentially vaccination proof, and don’t forget your legs. Prelube 5:30 at San Pedro Square Market Bar On on! ------ OLD AND OUTDATED BELOW ----- Cum follow Cupid and be shot by his bow during a night of lovely Valentine's hashing! It's a new age, where people are free to love and be loved in a more accepting environment than ever before. To celebrate our great liberation, we'll be doing a Thrupple hash! That's right, you and two of your loved (or liked, or tolerated, or picked-last-in-dodgeball-ed) halfminds will be tied together in threesomes to run trial! Rope will be provided. Coordination will not. Special bonus: All checks will be in the shape of hearts! Adorable!



Meet on Level 3. Circle on the top level.